Case Study - Satellite Broadband

Satellite Broadband to the Rescue

F1 Consultancy were recently contracted to supply an Internet connectivity solution for a one day event in Europe. The venue the client had chosen was the very trendy Magna Pars Suites Hotel in the heart of fashionable Milan. The building had been the site of an old perfume factory once owned by the Martone family of perfumiers and whilst it benefitted from a spectacular architectural facelift, the building was located in the old part of Milan and did not support the most modern of communications platforms, only receiving limited Internet connectivity.


Premier events such as these are marked by an increasing demand for high performance wireless. In addition to a client’s own event requirements for showcasing products and services, often high numbers of attendees use a wide range of devices, all need to go online at once.

This event was designed to provide a high tech demonstration of mobile phone apps and subsequent interaction with additional online sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Therefore the client would require reliable Internet connectivity with high up and download speeds for the actual demonstrations (often with 50 online connections running at a time), as well as for delegates to utilize their own devices during the breakout sessions. Given the existing technology infrastructure at the venue, there was clearly a requirement for a robust yet quick to deploy solution

The Challenges

  • Setup of a Satellite Uplink for Internet access with significant upload and download speeds
  • Setup of fully-wired and wireless networks in key areas of the hotel quickly and efficiently

Satellites Lead The Way

Whilst fast Internet connectivity is now readily available in home and office environments, it is surprising how many corporate venues still endure limited connectivity, especially when considering the technology demands of those clients seeking to book event space. This conundrum was the perfect opportunity for us to showcase the significant capabilities of our Satellite Broadband system.

Our Satellite Broadband system enabled us to provide the client with significant
upload and download speeds together with high data usage capability, all of which were ample for their event requirements. The great advantage of Satellite Broadband is the ease and speed of setup primarily due to the relatively small size of the dish, meaning a venue’s location is never an issue. With temporary fixing on the hotel’s roof terrace, the small satellite dish was aligned, configured, tested and ready for service within two hours.

Back on the Ground

Once the Satellite Internet link had been established, we set up fully-wired and wireless network infrastructures to multiple areas around the hotel including the Exhibition area, Production Office and several Breakout rooms, using Cisco managed switches and Xirrus Wireless Arrays. Ideal for internal and external events, the unique architecture of Xirrus Wireless Arrays provides 4X the coverage and up to 8X the bandwidth and capacity of traditional wireless systems, offering a reliable and high performance wireless service ideally suited for the client’s needs. The complete install, set up and test was completed the same afternoon and everything was commissioned and ready to go for the event the next day.

The one-day show ran extremely well with delegates connected at all times, leaving the client able to concentrate on the event, safe in the knowledge that the Internet connectivity was entirely resilient.

Following the event, the entire infrastructure was dismantled, packed and loaded for transport back to the UK in a matter of hours, ready to be deployed at the next event. F1 Consultancy’s comprehensive event service was delivered within the timescales required and on budget.

The Benefits for the Events Industry

The Satellite Broadband system is ideal for event production companies and those potential clients who want to plan amazing events in extraordinary places. Whether it be in the middle of a historic city, the desert or even somewhere out at sea, companies no longer need to have to curb their imaginations. So don’t resort to the obvious…with a Satellite Broadband Solution, connectivity anywhere on the planet is now a reality